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Discover Rhodes

Discover the famous Greek island of the Dodecanese that enchanted with its irresistible beauty visitors and conquerors. Cosmopolitan, with a rich past reflected in multiple monuments of historical and architectural interest and integral parts of the international cultural heritage, Rhodes unfolds its beauty everywhere you go. The innumerable sandy beaches, the small and big clean bays with fine pebbles, the traditional villages, the delicious cuisine, the people.

The most famous sites of Rhodes

Explore the island

The Medieval Town

UNESCO World Heritage Site

A medieval city holding in its folds leftovers of ancient times, unfading trails of the Byzantine Period and the loud reverberation of the ‘passing’ of the Knights Hospitalier that led Rhodes to the wealth and fame that follows it even today. The castled city of Rhodes has been inhabited continuously – making it one of the rarest living and constant cities of the medieval world up to our days – while its great commercial activity and the strong resistance of its inhabitants against conquerors made it impregnable, rich and famous.

Palace of the Grand Master

The Order of St. John Knights

The 14th century building constructed by the Order of Saint John and intended as the Palace of the Grand Master stands at the highest point of the city castle, imposing and impressive today as it was back then, is the most important monument of the period of the Order. In 1856 when the island was conquered by the Ottomans, a part of it was destroyed. However, when the island passed to the dominion of the Italians together with the rest of the Dodecanese, the palace was rebuilt and became the official residence of every successive Italian Governor. 

Archaeological Museum

Treasures from centuries ago

The medieval building of the big hospital of the Knights, one of the most significant medieval buildings in Gothic Style, houses the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes with exhibits that help understand the long history of the island. The museum stretches to the courtyard which is framed by a two-storey arcade. The exhibits include examples of Rhodian pottery arts from the Archaic to the Roman period, tombstones and symbols of the Knights and tombstones of Late Antiquity among other history's treasures.


the port of ancient Rhodes

In Mandraki, past and present, wealth and tradition, history and commerce come together. The two tufa columns with the deer and doe, the 1464 castle of Saint Nicolas and dozens of Italian buildings like the Governor’s Head Quarters, the Town Hall, the National Theatre, the New Agora, stand out from among the dozens of shops and cafés, a world brimming with a rich past and a pulsating future.

The Acropolis of Rhodes

the Temple of Apollo

The Acropolis of Rhodes impresses as it rises prominently with a view to the entire city, all the way to the Anatolian coast, where the gaze is lost into the blue of the sea. This Acropolis however did not have a fortifying role but instead it was a place for public buildings and areas of religious devotion. Imposing on the Acropolis are the ruins of the Dorian style Temple of Apollo Pythios, the Ancient Stadium and Roman Conservatory. 

Kallithea Springs


Discover the therapeutic waters, the famous springs of Kallithea and their healing properties for treatment of conditions like arthritis, diabetes and skin conditions. Built in 1929, these facilities of unique architecture compete among each other in beauty and form a unique point of attraction for thousands of visitors. The spot has been selected many times as the setting for famous Holywood movies.



a famous 5500 years old village

Lindos is a travel destination of its own, a famous village inhabited and loved already from the pre-Hellenic years – as its name testifies – with evidence of life from the Neolithic Age. Its rise during the archaic period left behind it incredible infrastructure projects and the famous archaic temple of Athena that remained a place of devotion during the Hellenistic but also the Roman periods. 


made for surfers

A small island at the southern tip of Rhodes, Prassonisi is separated from the mainland depending on the tide, as the sea withdraws allowing access to the island by car or on foot. Prassonisi is also a surfer's heaven with high waves for experienced athletes on one side and smaller waves on the other, perfect for amateurs.


The colourful island

A small island – a colourful precious stone of the Dodecanese, Symi is very close to Rhodes with regular connections. A living painting, full of colour and animation. A small enchanting island packed with neoclassic colourful manor houses, cobblestone lanes, breathtaking view, an incredible sunset and a 15th century church with the icon of Archangel Michaelof Panormos, which for thousands of believers is it considered miraculous.

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How to get to Sheraton Rhodes Resort

Transportation Options & Driving Directions

How to get to the Sheraton Rhodes Resort


Sheraton Rhodes Resort is 9 Km. / 6 miles from Diagoras Airport.

Choices for transportation to and from the hotel:

Taxi from/to airport:

  • Indicative charge: 30€
  • Availability: 24 hours
  • Time of travel to/from the hotel: about 20 minutes

Private transportation

We can help you organise your trip. Please send us an email to and request your private tranfer to the hotel.

Airport Transfer €30,00 | Harbour Transfer €20,00

Getting around the island

Car rental

Our hotel provides a car rental service and private parking space. You can also rent a car from the airport. For more information concerning car hire you can contact our hotel.

Take advantage of our Stay & Drive deal which includes accommodation and car hire!

Note: Surcharges, taxes and timetables are not guaranteed by the hotel. Transportation times differ and vary depending on traffic and traffic adjustments.

Additional information

About every 15 minutes there is a bus with a bus top in front of the hotel. The estimated time to the City of Rhodes is 10 minutes. For help with your transportation or for any other query don’t hesitate to contact us at (+30) 22410 75000 or

Driving Directions

Use Google Maps to find your way